How are mirrorless cameras ergonomic?

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Reliable, comfortable and robust, with the mirrorless Nikon Z range ergonomics and dependability are taken to new levels

Nikon cameras have always been known for not just their amazing image quality, but also their reliability, usability and comfort in the hands. With fewer moving parts than a DSLR, mirrorless cameras are much less likely to suffer a mechanical fault. And by removing the mirror and prism of a DSLR, mirrorless cameras are also lighter and smaller. The loss of weight and smaller size make the Nikon Z range extremely comfortable to use in all situations for long periods of time and, partnered with the NIKKOR Z lenses, the cameras remain wonderfully balanced. The inclusion of VR image stabilisation also means you can often leave the tripod at home, giving you the freedom to take super-sharp images and video during long hand-held sessions.

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What’s in our my kitbag?

Although the ergonomics of the Nikon Z series were designed from the ground up, those moving from Nikon DSLR to mirrorless will find the transition an easy one. Main control buttons are where you expect them to be, and the grip will feel reassuring and familiar. Customising the shooting experience is also at the heart of the Nikon Z series. You can assign often-used menu items using the i button and save frequently used settings via the two function buttons. So, for example, if you have favourite different settings for stills and video, you can switch between the two at the press of a button instead of having to go through menu set-ups. There are so many ways to customise your experience — it’s down to you to decide what you want from your camera. Spending a little time at the start of your Nikon Z series journey finding the right set-up for you will make shooting faster and life easier.


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